Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today we went to the zoo, and Will was more intrigued by the machines doing construction work there than by the rhino and the lion that stood about ten yards away from us.

Today we watched Will share his sippy cup of water with Barrett, alternating sips as they both sat in their chairs at dinner. All his idea.

Today Will chased Bo around, yelling for him to COME BACK AND EAT YOUR FOOD BO! Such a big brother.

Today a tired Barrett, playing with toys while I quickly vacuumed, fell backwards onto the floor and, instead of rolling over and getting back up, just laid there and looked around for about ten minutes... until I came over to see if-what the heck-is he paralyzed? Nope, just chilling.

Will's imagination is blooming every day, more and more. It's the most magical and rewarding part of parenting so far. Either that, or the way Barrett crawls into my lap and sits contentedly when he's all done playing. I love this job.

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