Monday, May 11, 2015

9 weeks

I saw you today, little one! I saw you the minute the ultrasound wand was placed on my stomach. You were curled up, very still, resting at the bottom of the screen. The tech said, "There's the baby!" I very hesitantly asked, "Is it alive?" What a morbid question, I know, but you were just so still. "Of course!" she answered. A huge smile broke onto my face. You were unmistakably a sleeping little baby. Nothing could have ruined my day after that.

I got to see my midwife Tracie again, too. She gave me a huge hug and introduced me to the ultrasound tech as one of her "favorite people". I'm sure every one of her patients is a "favorite person"... that's just how she is. I think it was the right decision to switch practices and drive farther so that I could continue to see her and Chris.

I'm still not quite myself, my appetite is unusual and my energy is less then normal, but I'm definitely feeling better than I was last week and in the weeks before. I'm so fortunate to not struggle with violent morning sickness the way many women do.

Last night your daddy and I talked about names for you, little one. The names we had discussed before I became pregnant with you, now seem like they just don't fit. This happened with your brother Barrett. Your daddy and I couldn't decide between Weston and Miles. Neither felt right. I kept coming back to the names Darin and Eric (which both sound like Barrett). It was like his name was on the tip of my soul but I couldn't grab it. On the way to church one day, we both suddenly agreed it was time to pick a third name. Within 5 minutes and a simple search on my phone we happened upon the name Everett. Your daddy didn't like Everett too much but it did remind him of the name Barrett and as soon as I heard it I knew that was the name. The same thing is happening with you, little baby. Your name is somewhere on the tip of my soul. I don't know what it is yet but it's comforting knowing that there is a name for you and that we will find it.

William says you are a little girl baby. I can honestly say that whether you are a boy or girl I will be equally happy and love you just the same. The two greatest moments of my life so far have been holding your brothers the minutes after they were born. I can't express my anticipation and excitement to hold you this December. It will be another one of those great, life changing moments. And it will be you!

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