Saturday, May 2, 2015

Just two dudes watching a movie

For a special treat, Will got to watch a movie today. Although I had THREE new movies from the library, once again he chose his favorite Veggie Tales, It's a Meaningful Life. This is the only movie he ever wants to watch. It's gotten so common, that whenever I open the TV cabinet Barrett starts bopping back and forth and saying, 'bah bah bah bah', as though he's trying to sing the Veggie Tales theme song. I guess if I have to listen to the same movie over and over, this is a cute one.

And Barrett has this adorable habit. When he touches the fuzzy side of his blanket, his thumb goes into his mouth. Then, with the opposite hand, he either pats his blanket or pokes it with his index finger. Can't just hold it, it's got to be a constant patting or poking. At night, he does this until he falls asleep.

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