Tuesday, February 23, 2016

C is for Car

It was a warm day today (well, probably in the forties), and I had to get the kids outside because we are having some serious cabin fever lately! (Well, maybe just me.) I hauled their trikes up from the basement and for the first time they were both actually strong enough and coordinated enough to drive them on the bumpy dirt driveway. It was William's first experience ever riding his trike downhill and it took him a while to realize he didn't need to pedal. Oh how I wish I would have gotten a video of him riding before that realization... his little knees pumping the pedals up and down like crazy as he flew down the driveway, his little back hunched over the handlebars on a bike that's a bit too small for him now, the dog ears on his hat flapping in the breeze. It's a memory I hope to never forget! Barrett would glide down on his Wishbone and yell, "Fast!"

Will was keeping Barrett company while he say on the potty.
Will gets SO excited when Barrett goes. It's because they both get candy, but I think it encourages Barrett when his normally "too cool" brother is jumping up and down with excitement that he went to the potty.
Neva was pretty in purple, but not too keen on getting her picture taken.
Barrett got a birthday gift from Aunt Kelly, Uncle David, Lake, and Sage in the mail! He loves it!!!
He says "airplane" like a little French boy: "ah-pee-ohn."
C is for Car!!! And caterpillar, Cheerios, and chores.
We make these during Barrett's nap time, and then Barrett gets to "keep" mine. (They all get trashed eventually!) He gets really excited about his craft! When he saw this he exclaimed, "Cheerios and milk!" (While we were making them, Will acted very concerned that Daddy would get "mad" that we glued the Cheerios onto our craft. Not sure why, since Daddy hardly ever gets mad and wouldn't care in the least about 16 Cheerios!)

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