Monday, February 29, 2016


I love capturing little moments of the day. Here they are waiting for their breakfast. Barrett isn't wearing any pants (potty training) and he's momentarily obsessed with this camouflage flashlight hat that needs its batteries replaced. Will's Book of the Hour is a Sesame Street book featuring the letter T and the Number 10. 
This tent saved my behind today. It's always set up in the basement, but I had the BRILLIANT IDEA (seriously) to bring it upstairs for the day. It took 20 seconds to pull upstairs. I added pillows and blankets and POOF, the boys disappeared. They just laid in there for at least 45 minutes. Then they played in there. Then they ate lunch in there.
When Barrett went down for his nap, I brought Neva into the tent and read Will some Berenstain Bears books. THEN (wait for it)... I put Neva down for a nap upstairs and when I returned Will asked, "Mom, can you take a nap with me in the tent?" YES I CAN. And I did. Maybe twenty minutes? Amazing. Thank you for today, tent.
The bouncer finally can sit on top of the counter! There was not nearly enough room before.

Is it creepy that I like to take pictures of my kids sleeping? Only sometimes. I just loved how his arms were airplaned, his current favorite puppy resting on his shoulder, swathed in his multiple blankets, with his "Serious Lightning" car next to him on the floor. We don't let him bring toys into bed anymore because they inevitably fall or get lost, resulting in midnight cries of anguish.
My little man, growing less little every day, still looks so tiny to me when he sleeps.

Notable occurrences upon this Leap Day also include:

-Brian painting the kitchen wall, installing switch plates, and caulking the sink.

-Neva got her first bath in the big sink! It was so nice. Glorious. You see, she's hated bath time up to this point. It's because I have to bathe her with the boys. So it's always rushed and tense! ("Don't throw that, Barrett! No, don't splash the baby! No, don't pour that on her. Will, she doesn't need a wash cloth on her, thanks buddy." Meanwhile their toys are clonking her in the head.) Now I can bathe her right in the kitchen while the boys play around the house. She has peace. She and I can gaze into each other's eyes for long stretches and I can gently massage her on the counter. Did she like this bath? YOU BET! 

-Neva also got... wait for it... her first haircut. Yup. Judge away. I don't care. I always swore to myself that if I had a baby girl I wouldn't let her hair make her look terrible. No mullets, no old man bald fringe. Well, the time had come to keep my oath to myself. Neva had BOTH a mullet and an old man fringe. She was bald on top, long on the sides, and very long in the back with a nice bald patch on the back of her head as well. Out came the buzzer and off it all came. I left the top alone (there wasn't much on there anyway) and buzzed all the sides. I saved her downy little pile of hair. She looks SO much prettier! I guess that makes me, like, a pageant mom or something, huh.

-William is desperate for a Frank the Combine toy. He had been talking about wanting a Frank, but then he saw a real toy Frank at Meijer and just fell in love. He wants it for his birthday, but that's still about 3 months away. So we've told him he can earn money. Not quite sure how to go about this, I read articles and asked advice and after a while, I formulated a plan. He gets an allowance of $5 a week, AS LONG AS he does his chores each day. (Make bed, dress himself, vacuum the floor after mealtimes, help set the table, and feed Bo.) He has to give $1 as tithe and offering and $1 to savings. He can earn more money by doing extra chores, but they're going to be challenging. I think if it takes him about four or five weeks to earn his toy, it could be a really good lesson for him. I drew a savings chart (Barrett ripped it off the wall at first) and Will LOVES looking at it. He pretends it's a report card or a television with a "Special TV Show" (both ideas from the Berenstain Bears). We've been reading about the Berenstain Bears getting a "weekly allowance," so he's familiar with the idea. Last night there was some confusion, still. "If I don't do chores, Mom, my birthday won't come!" So I sat him down and told him a story about a boy named *Joe* who wanted a really cool remote control race car for his birthday. But his birthday was so FAR away that he decided to save his money instead. He did lots of really HARD chores and day after day, he didn't give up. After he had saved all his money, him mom told him about tithing. He was sad to fall behind his goal,  but he was happy to give back to the Lord. The next day he did more chores and after a few more days he again had enough money. His mom took him to the store where he picked out his toy and paid for it all by himself! "And do you think he took care of that car? YES! Because he worked hard for it, didn't he?" "Mom, can you tell me the story about Joe again?"

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