Thursday, February 18, 2016

M is for Mouse

Today I rehearsed with William: "When Daddy asks you tonight, 'What did you learn today?', what are you going to say? M is for mouse!"

But alas, when Brian asked, Will told him, "P is for Mouse!"

Today I found their naughtiness hysterical, for some strange reason. I love these days.

Today I decided Barrett's going to be potty trained. He was diaper free from naptime until bedtime, and no accidents! Cold turkey, underwear it is tomorrow. Except at night. I'll even do naptime with no diaper. Being it on. I feel the steely resolve.

After going potty,Will lost the ability to snap his jeans. For Pete's sake, he had just done it this morning. He whimpered and whined and wailed for 20 minutes when I told him that if he didn't do it himself, he'd have to eat soup for breakfast. (Delicious soup, btw.) Eventually Brian took pity on him and helped him.

I gave mine to Barrett, who promptly ripped off the eyes and tasted them.
M is for Mouse!
Because I hate "playing" outside in the snow, they play inside. At least for now, when taking them out exhausts me. Who pulls the sled, builds the snowmen, and dresses them in 1000 layers? ME. And who would never go out in the snow if it weren't for kids?? This girl!
Just a pic I snapped. Will is playing in the box with his Lightning McQueen. Barrett has no pants or underwear on and is looking at the "Bessie Bears" (Berenstain Bears). What is it with the appeal of those books to kids??? 

I really liked her little outfit today.

I was so proud of how well he did, tracing in the letters on his own.

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