Monday, September 4, 2017

Charlevoix Labor Day Weekend (Day 1)


Mac, almost 2 months old, cuddling with mommy

A cuddly baby in his new duds from Kurt and Tracy

Walking down at the harbor with the kiddos

"OK William, now you can make a silly face!"

Playing on the anchor-

My lovely lady-

Watching Lucas' 6 PM soccer game- Daddy and Neva, and Barrett and Aunt Heather-

Lucas is in the red at the front!

Whoop! Out of bounds. Lake looks on very closely while Lucas throws it back in!

(He took his time!)

The kids play while aunt Christie looks on-

Papa was just about the best soccer spectator you could want, intently watching the game and cheering the players on without missing a second. 

Little Isla Logann 

Aunt Heather set up a coloring station that provided hours of enjoyment all weekend long. A good idea!

William took this selfie with auntie Heather:

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