Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Charlevoix Labor Day Weekend (Day 3)

Saturday, after quite a lazy morning, we finally made it to the beach to meet up with Christie and the kids. It was not warm, and when the sun disappeared and the wind picked up, the kids exited the water and began building a "raft" in the brush. Mac slept on my chest while the kids busied themselves inventively. We had such a nice time talking to Christie and we actually stayed there longer than I would've thought, with the rather blustery weather. Once back to Nana's house, we ate a quick dinner and Brian and the boys headed off to go fishing with Papa and Lucas in Papa's boat! They caught one salmon, which was a disappointment to Brian, but it sounds like it was a fun time. 

I love how Barrett is in the background of many of these pictures, busily playing. That kid has a talent for playing and I just am crazy about it. His imagination- well, there's nothing wrong with it! One night at Nana's house, he told me he had to go poop and asked if there was a book he could look at while he was pooping. I told him Nana didn't have many books and he was going to just have to use with imagination and tell himself a story. When he came out, he said, "I told myself a lot of stories. One with a dinosaur, and one with a lot of bears."

Christie and Isla

Lake and Will

Lucas and Lake (both 6)

And Isla! (3)

No way to describe this little girl but 'sweet and sassy'

Barrett and Isla (both 3) playing together

Kids frolicking on the dunes!

Isla tripped on her way down the hill and ended up totally upside down... albeit with a big smile on her face. 

Building their "raft"

Either William was helping to bury Isla or helping to break her free… I'm not sure!

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