Monday, September 4, 2017

Charlevoix Labor Day Weekend (Day 2)

Lake was a joy, such a big helper, and played so nicely with the boys. She came up with all sorts of imaginative play. Loved spending time with her-

I so enjoyed getting to know Isla a bit better this time. She has an incredibly sweet personality and LOVED baby Mac. (Loved Neva, too- at one point she came up and stroked Neva's hair and asked, "How old is this baby?") She had so many quotable quotes. Loved hearing her say, "Yep."

My two oldest nieces ❤️

Mac and his beautiful, hardworking Nana. He sure loved being held by her. 

 A pic in the basement. From left- Brian, Christie, and Kelly. Do they look like any of my kids?

Friday night we took family pictures, and hopefully I can get them up here as soon as Kelly can get them onto a new hard drive! 

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