Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't get me started on how previous car trips have begun...

Tomorrow, we are leaving for a four-day trip to Charlevoix. The car, Brian has informed me, is pulling out of the driveway at noon. And I am determined to take my passenger's seat calmly, at 11:55, wearing a smile - and maybe some makeup - on my face. No tears, no gasps of panic.

I'm also determined to:
Be completely packed
Have the garbage cans emptied and the trash on the curb
Scrub the shower grout so that it can air out during the trip and so that I can seal it when we get home
Not be in an argument with Brian over who lost the cap to the water bottle (BECAUSE I am going to get the water bottles ready tonight!)
Have the garden thoroughly watered
Have a delicious lunch packed in the cooler - a lunch that is NOT beef jerky, dried fruit, and nuts
Bathe and groom Bo
Leave the house in pristine condition - no dishes in the sink, no clothes on the floor, no vacuum hoses strewn around the living room

Don't laugh. It's possible - I know it is. My strategy is to do as much today as I possibly can. This is huge. Stay posted.

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