Friday, July 31, 2009

She awakes!

“I’ve been looking at ‘Granny Bread’ for three weeks,” my mom told me over the phone yesterday. Ever my faithful reader, she’s set my blog as her home page so as not to miss a single post. And I have let her down, along with everyone else who's checked my blog hoping to learn more of my Wonder Wife secrets.

It’s been rather a busy three weeks (!), but I think the worst problem is my blog-writing process. Seriously. At night, while I’m lying in bed, I think of lots of things to post. But in the morning – my “blog posting hour” – I sit lamely in front of the computer with not a thought in my head. It’s the same mindset that makes it supremely difficult to get absolutely anything done before 9 AM. Tiredness. And complete uninspiration. So I tell myself I will post later, when I have something good to say, and then I find myself zonked out on my keyboard.

Speaking of tiredness, I’ve been absolutely exhausted lately. I gave up coffee, for one thing… and I have decided that I’m going to start drinking it again. From start to finish, if I don’t drink that coffee, I am more tired throughout the entire day. It’s really shocking that giving up this one single thing can have such a noticeable effect on my body, for such a long time. I remember betting my dad that by my eighteenth birthday, I would not be addicted to coffee like he and my mom were. I won that bet, because I guess at eighteen I was still powerful and strong – the real Wonder Wife - but now at twenty-one I have apparently begun my physical decline.

Secondly, and thirdly, we had VBS at church last week. I list this as two reasons because not only was I supervising a class of about a dozen three- and four-year-olds every evening from 6 to 8, but I was also in the process of catching what I think was the swine flu from one of them. I know I sound like a total wuss – “Maegan, wait till you have three or four kids of your own and then you will understand what true tiredness feels like” – and that’s fine. All I’m saying is, thank GOD IN HEAVEN that my husband has been so knightly to not impregnate me yet. Also that I could hand those kids back to their parents after two hours, fun as it was to hang out with them for an evening. (One of the women at church who is desperately excited to see us start a family said to me, “Isn’t this fun?” and after I nodded sincerely, asked me, “And seriously, doesn’t it make you determined to have children of your own pretty soon now?” I admit, I wasn’t exactly truthful when I nodded again. That did not make me excited to have a family soon, but instead made me excited that we still have at least two years before we’re planning on starting one.)

We’re kitten-sitting this morning, and I’ve put the poor, scared little thing in the bathroom so she can get some peace. And this is what’s been happening now for several hours:

Bo and kitten 1

Bo and kitten 2

Kitten on bed 1

Kitten on bed 2

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  1. Bo needs a battery operated kitten. Maybe "grandma" will get him one for Christmas.