Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So I don't forget to mention it.

One of the best things we did during our trip to Charlevoix was go on a fishing charter - with Brian's dad as captain and Brian as his mate - with Erin, Matthew, and my parents. I must have taken a hundred pictures, including some of an incredible sky that I may just retouch, blow up, and frame for our bedroom. I captured each person catching their big ol' trout, captured goofy moments and captured memories that make me smile. And these pictures - some of which I'll post tomorrow - would have been just imprints on my own memory if it hadn't been for Brian, who saw my disappointed face when I turned the camera on early that morning and noticed that there was no battery left. He saw me disgustedly put it back in the case and scold myself for failing to charge it.

Then he said, "There should be a charged battery in the other pocket."

And there was.

I know that sometimes I villainize my husband on this blog. It's the least I can do - and I do mean the very least - for a man as wonderful, as perceptive, and as forward-thinking as my Brian.

I thank God for a man who puts a charged backup battery in the front of the camera case.

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