Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weigh in.

Your opinions, please. No, this is not my weekly weight total.

The following picture - there's something about it I really like. This building is old, it's red, and it was in the middle of the woods where Brian shot a monster buck. Brian took this picture, and I've always liked looking at it.

But should I blow it up and hang it on my wall?

I remember walking through the flea market with Brian a couple of months ago and noticing chipped, beat-up antique windows stacked up in a cart. "How cool would one of these look," I asked Brian, "as a mirror?" I held it up and he scowled. "That thing is a piece of junk," he said.

A few weeks later, my family was in town. When my mom and sister and I visited the flea market, I dragged my mom over to the same booth and excitedly told her my idea. "They're cheap, rustic and cool-looking," I explained, "and all I'd have to do would be remove the glass and stick a mirror behind it."

She inhaled. "Oh, boy." Her face scrunched into an I'm-trying-to-be-polite-and-don't-want-to-insult-you-but-it's-not-a-good-idea smile. "Honey, this might be a big project. You'd have to strip this old, dirty paint off, repaint the window, and then distress it. I don't think it would look very good if you left it this way." I shrugged and set it down. "Okay."

Later, we walked by a booth where an old man had done exactly that. He had bought some of those antique windows and had really spiffed them up into distressed mirrors. But those mirrors looked good. My mirror would have looked like crap. (If I had actually completed the project, which is doubtful.)

All that to ask: would hanging a picture of this barn in my dining room be cool, in a comfortable, rustic way? Or would it be like buying an old, dirty window and hanging it on my wall?

Red Barn 2

And which do you like better - the one above, or the one below, which has a warmer color cast?

Red Barn 1

Be honest.


  1. I've always liked the idea of having a collage of pictures of places we've been (that we took ourselves) hanging over our couch. That way, when you sit in the room that's supposed to be the most cozy, you get those fabulous warm fuzzy feelings of the places you've been together and the memory of the moment you took that picture.

    All that said, I love the idea and I love the picture (though, I also like the window/mirror idea and I think you should go for it). ...and I think I like the first one, it looks more realistic. :)

  2. Two votes (me & my friend) for the first one. It's calmer and a beautiful red.

    I ditto Andrea's comments about memories.

  3. Well what color is your house? The bottoem picture brings out more browns, which personally, i like more. The top photo has more grays (not a huge fan of that). Also, the trees in the background are realy, really beautiful. This is a great picture!

  4. this is Erin, and I think I might have already told you what I thought, but I like the first one better hands down. It has a very rustic old look that shows the quiet simplicity and pease of the country. Its not as bright as the other one, which for some reason makes it to me even more sacred, unless I just like using that word, anyway, that is my opinion

  5. Whoops, this is Erin again, and i know that if i don't correct my error, the next time I hear from you will be that i have failed in spelling and how could I ever be your sister? And how is it that I could misspell peaCe? Well I in fact pressed the wrong...button? And I did not read it over. Knowing you, I needed to fix it, and yes I also should have capitalized the 't' in it at the beginning. But, what can you expect from a typical teenage girl who texts? Well I love you and your blog so I had to correct myself and my error. I sincerely beg of your forgiveness and hope you will forgive and forget. :) Love you!!!!!

  6. numero uno, with the antique mirror beside's a gorgeous shot...

    Love, Elisabeth Thomas