Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Because of Dwight Shrute, I thought these things were a JOKE.

I can understand now why Brian is such a bear when I spend the night tossing and turning. While it usually wouldn't be a problem for me to share a bed with, say, an operating printing press, last night was WAY BAD. I now know how he feels.

(One night, Brian dreamed he was kicking a barnyard pig back into its pen. He woke up and realized he was kicking me... as hard as he could. But I digress.)

Brian and I have come down with colds. His, I believe, is much worse than mine. And last night he was up every twenty minutes - I'm not kidding - clearing his throat, raucously expelling mucus, blowing his nose, sucking up nasal spray, and doing all kinds of walking around. I couldn't stay asleep at all. Can you believe it? The nerve. You bet I was annoyed. In my own NyQuil-induced drowsiness, I nearly cried, "Would you please start breathing through your NOSE and NOT WAKING UP ANYMORE?!"

As though he hadn't thought of doing that. What do I know? Maybe he'd even tried that.

Now I'm feeling sorry for my inward cruelty.

Anyway, Brian called me this morning and told me that a coworker had shared a magical remedy: the Neti pot. I'm off to buy one for my breathing- and sleep-challenged husband. I'll let you know how it works. And maybe - just maybe, if God doesn't judge me for last night's attitude - the Neti pot will be the remedy for MY sleep problem, too.

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