Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Husbands say the darndest things

“Honey, I’m not trying to nag you. I’m just showing you this because you said that I have ruined all your underwear in the laundry – which, by the way, is SO not true.”

I hold up one of my new shirts, worn only a couple of times. It’s completely perfect, except for a big bleach stain below the elbow of its turquoise sleeve.

“I had this hanging up to dry and you must have brushed against it with that deer skull you were bleaching in the laundry room.”

“Oh man,” says Brian. “I’m sorry.” He picks up the damaged sleeve and examines it. “Do you want me to fix it?”

“You can’t get out bleach stains, babe.”

“No, I know. But I can cut off the bad part. I’ll do it on the other sleeve, too. I’ll make it one of those – you know – Capri shirts.”

Oh, you'd think three sisters would have taught him clothing terms. Thank goodness he's so gosh darn cute.


  1. This made me laugh!!! Oh did you let him? ;)

  2. Capri shirts...that must be a new fashion term that I'm not yet aware of. Haha. :)

  3. tell him those shirts are called quarter length! LOL. Poor guy