Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not necessarily money down the drain, just money draining through the nose.

I wanted so badly to take a video of Brian using the Neti pot for the first time. I wanted to post it here and let the world laugh along with me! Because after using the Neti pot, he didn’t clean the bathroom counter very well - and as you will certainly agree, that deserves the highest form of punishment and ridicule possible!

I bought a $14 NasaFlo Neti Pot at Walmart, which came with about twenty packets of "USP Grade Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate in a pH Balanced & Isotonic Solution" to stir into the warm water before pouring it into your brain. In English, I have learned that that is "salt and baking soda". Anyway, this pot is especially effective because it supposedly uses a special “free-flow gravity method” to clear your sinuses – a significant improvement over those pots which have NOT thought to use the gravity method, and therefore cannot keep the saline solution from floating all over your bathroom.

Brian used the pot once and graciously let me watch him do it. While he hacked it up into the bathroom sink, I was everything a wife should be – cackling, obnoxious, and taunting. But he persevered, and eventually he was draining his nostrils like a pro. This should encourage you that YES, YOU TOO can go out and purchase a Neti pot TODAY and before bedtime can so perfect your technique that you could be a garden fountain!

Unfortunately, the Neti pot was not an instant cure for his cold. I suspect my hopes were a bit too high, though, so I’m not ready to write it off completely. The main problem is that he just doesn’t like using it, and though I haven’t tried it myself (and am too much of a wuss to think that I ever will), I DON’T CARE. We spent $14 of our grocery budget on that plastic teapot, and by golly, I won’t let him retire that thing until he’s gotten it down to about five cents per use.

(Really, though, it’s not a problem to get him to use it again. All I have to do is get tired of it sitting next to the sink, pack it up in its box, and put it away. Before I know it, it will find its way back all over the bathroom counter.)

(I love you, Brian. I’m just teasing you.)

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