Thursday, August 26, 2010

I now pronouce you married 1,460 days.

Today's my fourth anniversary. Almost fifty months of being married to The Bri! (In terms of months, it doesn't really sound that long, huh?)

A few thoughts on this momentous day:

1. Four years! That's a high school career or a college degree. I have a Bachelor's degree in Brian Management. (Haha! Everyone knows who does the real managing around here. :)

2. Four years! I remember reading that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced after their third anniversary. That stuck in my head and, for some reason, I thought that when my marriage hit the four-year mark, I'd have really made it, baby. So congratulations to me! I beat Jessica Simpson.

3. Four years! If someone had told me we'd be successful in pregnancy prevention this long, I would have laughed, laughed, laughed. Oh, silly Brian! Babies are for YOUNG people!

4. Four years. Is this the end of newlywed-ness?

5. It doesn't seem like it's been this long. But then again, I guess we've done a lot together during these four years. The amount of time doesn't seem to have been able to fit all the memories we've made. I don't know if this is happy or sad or sobering, and now I think I've confused myself.

6. Four years! I'm so blessed. Every day I realize how blessed I am. I started married life in a dream, thinking Brian was absolutely perfect, obsession-worthy, star-hanging warrior material. Then I discovered he was human, capable of being insensitive or selfish, just like me. But each day I still believe I couldn't be a luckier girl. If there was one word I could use to describe Brian's character, it would be solid. And like anything really solid - a boulder or an oak tree or a mountain - there are flaws, but usually the strength and steadfastness overwhelm them. That's how Brian is. I'm so blessed to have him sticking here beside me. I love him so much.

7. I hope the next four years go by a little more slowly. I hope they're made out of the same stuff these last four have been - smiles, hugs, memories, good food, deer-butchering, tree-planting, morning jogs, evening fires, lake walks with Beau, road trips, friends, family, etc., etc. And I hope for more, too. I hope for healing for Brian's eye, for guidance and direction, for vision and a sense of purpose, and maybe a baby or two. And then four more after that.

Thank you, Lord, for Brian. Thank you for your blessing on our marriage. Let it glorify and bless you continually!