Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pensive Wednesday.

I have a confession to make.

I desperately want people to like me.

In fact, I want everyone to like me! Everyone! I even have a problem with the idea that the Taliban wouldn't like me. I mean, what if they just got to know me? Wouldn't they like me then?

I guess I have to accept that not everyone is going to like me. They might not like me on first impression. They might not like me when I innocently take the piece of cake that they were eyeballing. Or they might not like me because I sent them fattening cookies that might mess up their diet.

So, stuff like that I can't escape. Not everyone will like me.

But... surely I don't have to SAY anything to anyone that will make them dislike me. Surely I can please everyone with my sweet, genial conversation and nonoffensive commentary.

HA! Despite my best efforts, I'm sure even still that I've driven folks away.

But what do you do when it all comes down to business and you're faced with the predicament of having to either stand up for what you believe... or say nothing (or even say the opposite) so that people will like you?

I think doing the latter is called being spineless.

Ugh. So if I want everyone to like me, and therefore decide never to take a stand on anything, I'm an approval-seeking wimp.

I don't want to be that. No way. But how do I stop? I think I have to stop... caring.

I have to tell the girl I'm mentoring that we're not going to listen to junky music on the radio anymore.

I have to be straightforward about nixing gossip when I hear it... and I have to resist the temptation to participate.

I have to gently refuse to read a book that someone wants me to read, even though I care about that person very much, simply because it stands for things I believe are wrong.

I have to tell people what I believe, even if it sounds crazy. You know what? I know that God created the universe in six days, and I don't have to have a book of facts memorized to scientifically persuade you to believe it too. I believe that abortion is wrong, and I don't have to weaken my argument to sound like I'm not judging anyone. When someone feels threatened by what I believe to be true, I'm going to accept that they just might not ever like me.

I have to be honest with people about why I'm bowing out of an activity instead of taking the easy way out and coming up with an excuse.

I have to be bold about telling others that I'm building my life on the teachings of the Bible - all of them.

I have to be prepared to stand up for the name of Jesus Christ. Because not many people are doing that these days. And because He died for me.

At times, I will have to be obnoxious, ignorant, hate-mongering, judgmental, closed-minded, and unlikeable. ... and whatever other descriptions people may use. But ultimately, I live in an audience of One.

And now, I have to publish this post!




  1. Good job Maegan! If it helps - I like you even more now! ;)

  2. I loved this...I often come face to face with this feeling liked an accepted, or get a spine and choose righteousness, be like Jesus. I love you and am so proud to call you my dearest friend!!

  3. Well, I like you Maegan, and I like this post. Good thoughts. :-)

  4. Thanks a LOT, ladies... I was all pumped up to get some flack, but NOW your sweet comments have made me just long for MORE APPROVAL. GEEZ!

    Haha... seriously, thank you. I'm praying to be less of a wimp. God bless you guys today!