Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning person.

Beau is whining to go out and I am sitting at my computer with writer's block. I keep telling him "one more minute," at which he tilts his head and walks off whining still. We don't have a fenced yard, so I walk him every morning that we don't go jogging before Brian leaves for work. I feel bad for him, as I'm sure he needs to go to the bathroom, but if I don't post now I probably won't have time today.

So, lucky you! You get the benefit of my writer's-block-ramblings because I'm forcing myself to post at 7:00 AM. Lucky, lucky reader.

Mornings are not my time. I'm a night person. I always thought one could train oneself to change, but after four years of getting up early with Brian and going to bed early with Brian, I haven't changed. One night he's away and I stay up until the wee hours of the morning, busy and happy.

I love being up in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee sleepily while black turns to gray outside my window. But there certainly aren't any creative juices or bursts of industriousness that come to me. At night, conversely, I can feel my body humming with energy. I lay in bed thinking of all I didn't accomplish that day. I tell myself, "Tomorrow morning, right after Brian leaves for work, I am going to get my butt in gear and do X, Y, and Z in an hour." I wish I could transfer the energy to the morning hours, but I think it just works itself out in the constant nighttime movement that drives Brian up a wall.

"So stay up later," you say. "Don't go to bed so early." Ahh, I know that could be a solution, but I don't want to. I worry that going to bed later will rob me of the minutes I have to talk to Brian before he falls asleep. I also know I wouldn't be able to join him on 5:30 runs after a while. Granted, he's the one that pushes me out of bed to put my exercise clothes on anyway, but if I wasn't going to bed when he did it wouldn't even be a possibility.

I also worry that going to bed at a different time will somehow distance us.

So I will continue to train myself to be a morning person. Look at me, all motivated, posting so early. Maybe four more years of marriage will give me a better start.

Are you a morning person or a night person? Have you trained yourself to change? Do you go to bed when your spouse does or at a different time? I'm curious. :)

Happy Friday, all!



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    i think you are great too.

  2. I am a night person who is always trying to become a morning person, partly out of necessity (because I wake up "with my running shoes on", but not for exercise like you do!!) and also to enjoy some solitude before everyone is awake. I am still fighting the battle... Brian and I try to go to bed together, but oftentimes we are not able to do so because of his work commitments... C'est la vie!

  3. I used to be a morning person, but that changed after having 3 kids. I find myself staying up in the wee hours of the morning doing housework that isn't easily accomplished until they are tucked in bed, fast asleep. Patrick and I usually go to bed at different times, but on occasion we'll head off to bed at the same time. I enjoy those times talking before we fall to sleep. Good luck on being an early bird... now I feel like my kids are going to have to start dragging me from bed instead of the other way around :)

  4. Some how Dad and I have always tried to go to bed together. Though sometimes duties keep one of us up. He is more of a night owl than I am. We BOTH stay up too late. I love the mornings too. Here I am, needing to go to bed (it's late) and rambling on your comments posts.

    When a husband and wife go to bed together, there is the quiet of the day to connect, maybe argue, cuddle, pray, love, and toss & turn and learn to share the same rhythm.

    Do you keep a notepad and tiny light next to your bed to jot down all your creativeness while Brian--Mr. Light-sleeper--snoozes?

  5. Ooh, thanks for all the comments! Don't know how I missed these. I guess I should expect that things may change when little kids come around, but so far, I'm able to work with Brian's schedule. Mom, since Brian is such a light sleeper, I think me rustling around and jotting things down in a notebook would keep him awake! Melissa, that's interesting that you used to be a morning person but now you're not. I always thought I'd be more of a morning person after having kids but I can see how that might not happen. I always thought that morning might provide some solitude (like Lisa said) but I also know people who get that solitude at night.