Friday, September 17, 2010

My favorite thing to eat in the world, and also what I'm going to do now that I've eaten so much of it throughout the summer.

I took a bunch of pictures of my sandwich the other day, intending to show you all my very favorite thing to eat. But then the ridiculousness of that idea struck me, because the sandwich is literally this:

Toast a single slice of good bread. Slather with mayonnaise and cover heavily with ground black pepper. Slice a tomato thickly and arrange it on top. Generously sprinkle with salt. Eat zealously. Repeat as often as your loaf of bread will allow.

So that, my friends, is something for which you do NOT need a photo tutorial. No matter how little you know about cooking. But sliced tomato on toast with mayo, salt, and tons of pepper is probably what I would eat for my last meal, IF I had to choose one. Unbeatable garden tomatoes are one thing I will greatly miss about summer.

They are, however, probably the only thing I will miss about North Carolina summers. I'm still waiting for fall, and as the forecast is showing 90-degree days with no chance of rain well unto the end of the month, I'm thinking I'm going to be waiting longer than I'd like.

But you don't want to hear me complain about the weather anymore! "Maegan," you're going to say, "I feel like your blog and I are mere acquaintances! All we discuss around here lately is the weather!" And I'll nod sheepishly, then protest that, well, there's nothing really going on around here, except fall cleaning and hunting season and - oh yeah! I changed Beau's dog food brand again! See?

One new development is that lately, I've felt a stirring in my bones and in my sluggish circulation and an urgent prompting of my bathroom scale to join a gym. I've hated the idea of paying for a gym membership, because I can jolly well work out at home, for goodness' sakes, but lately I've had to acknowledge that I despise working out here. If I do a video workout, I get irritated with the repetitiousness of it and the way the instructor says the exact same words every single time. If I follow the weight lifting plan that I asked Brian to develop for me, I find myself staring at the basement wall while I count reps and listen to myself breathe. Motivation to work out is something I greatly lack.

But what if I could join classes and meet people? What if the knowledge that I was shelling out big bucks forced me to go? What if I could do Pilates on Mondays and Boot Camp on Tuesdays and Kickboxing on Fridays? I'd pay for that.

So I signed up for a seven day pass at a gym a few minutes down the road. I'm hoping it's the turn of a new leaf for me. Now, I just have to get over my nervousness of going. When did I become so apprehensive of new places and new people? Hmmm.



  1. Poor Beau. So much for 'brand loyalty'. Was the logo and packaging at least BETTER on the new brand? (Sigh) LOL, LOL...

  2. WELL, no, the packaging is not as nice. But Dad... the price is definitely better, and I'm pretty sure the food quality is just as good. You would choke if I told you how much we were paying for the other food. CHOKE, I tell you, CHOKE!