Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Fragments.

Yesterday, something kind of magical happened.

I was working on my computer at the kitchen bar when I noticed a hummingbird hovering outside the glass doors on my deck. He seemed to be peering in, which I found odd. We've got bright red plants on the deck, and they often attract hummingbirds, but never have I seen one not engrossed in the flowers.

But he stayed outside the glass for a whole minute, hovering in the same area, and the whole time he was looking right at me.

After a while, he tapped on the glass with his long beak, twice. It was loud enough for Bo to notice, and he ran barking to the front door.

But my hummingbird buddy hovered a bit longer, then flew away.

It kind of felt like he was trying to tell me something.


Something funny happened, too, just the night before.

I was dreaming something very sad. Something terrible had happened to me and in my dream, I was sobbing as I ran home to tell Brian. He stood in the kitchen, holding a glass of water in front of the sink. As I told him my awful news, he just stared out the window and didn't say a word.

"Brian," I cried, "why aren't you saying anything? Don't you care?"

Finally, he said, "Honey, could you turn around? You're kind of breathing right in my ear."

I was shocked. I couldn't think of anything to say.

Then he repeated himself, annoyance in his voice. "Honey, could you roll over? You're breathing in my ear."

Suddenly, I began to wake up... and realize that I'd huddled over to Brian's side of the bed and was, in fact, breathing right in his ear. "Sorry," I muttered, and rolled over.

It's just a sad dream, I told myself. And then I laughed to myself, thankful that Brian isn't really so cold as he was in my dream.


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