Thursday, September 9, 2010

One good way to look at it.

Press Release: Raleigh Dog Creates Self-Portrait in Leather Couch

Beau W., a combination pit bull, chow, lab, and boxer, has created a self-portrait of himself in Brian and Maegan W.'s leather furniture. "The couch was a bummer, sure," said Brian W., 29, of Raleigh, "but the fact that he created such an amazingly accurate self-portrait blows my mind! He truly is an artist in his own right."

The lovable Beau found himself in a creative mood while the couple was at church last Sunday, and tore an image of himself into one of the leather cushion. "The couch can be replaced, no problem." said Maegan, 22. "We saved for months to buy the set, but it's just money. I'm just amazed that our dog has expressed himself in such an intelligent way." The couple added that they will now be giving Beau free reign of the house, in hopes of another masterpiece.

Brian and Maegan will be displaying Beau's work at the North Carolina Museum of Art, where an auction of various artwork will be held to benefit the local animal rescue center. The framed piece will be included in the auction lineup.

Press release courtesy of Identity Graphic Design.



  1. LOL! I love your blog. You always make me laugh!

  2. LOL! That's hilarious! A big thanks to Identity Graphic Design for helping out. :-) Beau is so talented! I stand in amazement!

  3. That is REALLY good actually, nearly identical. He got the head tilt and ears just right. I see millions coming your way!

  4. I think this should be sent to Oprah, I think this is just amazing! Like that elephant that can paint - UNBELIEVABLE!

    We'll also be expecting our cut when it all washes out. Thanks.

  5. It IS unbelievable! You guys are right.