Friday, July 22, 2011

A fairly embarrassing moment, for your Friday pleasure.

I stepped into a Bath & Body Works last Saturday in between trips to the craft and hardware stores for VBS errands. The sign on the Bath & Body works window advertised a 50% off sale, and since I love their hand soap I'm always looking for a chance to stock up.

It was a tiny store with one (visible) staffer working the busy counter. As I walked in, she called out rather loudly, "HI! Can I help you?" I shook my head and smiled. As I made my way around I noticed, to my dismay, that the sale wasn't a 'deep discount' sale but instead a 50% off new fragrances sale. (That's pretty good, I guess, if you're looking for the latest and greatest fashion in the scent world, but I was just looking for some super-cheap soap to stick on my bathroom counter. We haven't been washing our hands at all since I've run out. It's been months!)

As I began to leave I saw a display that looked to be debuting a new summer fragrance. At the top sat (what I thought was) an antibacterial hand-sanitizer. Its bright red "TRY ME" sticker reminded me of all the places I'd been that morning - and what a good idea it'd be to clean my hands. So I picked up the bottle and gave a generous squeeze. After only seconds of wondering at its strange, sticky texture did I notice that the tester was a bottle of hand soap.

Six thoughts raced through my mind:
1. Crap! I have soap all over my hands!
2. Crap! This isn't one of those Bath & Body Works that has a sink!
3. What the heck? Don't hand soaps have a pump top?! Why the squeeze bottle?
4. Who would put the tester sticker on a thing of SOAP?
5. Who's the dummy here? Bath & Body Works or me?
6. Did anyone see me do that?

As if in answer to my last panicked thought, the cheery sales clerk yelled, "CAN I HELP YOU FIND SOMETHING IN PARTICULAR?" Several heads turned my way and I felt as though I'd been caught stealing a body spray. Wiping the sticky mess from hand to hand I said, "No thank you!" and as quickly as I could I pushed my way out of the store leaving quite a sticky door-handle behind me.

One thing I can attest to is that that soap does not need water to make your hands smell great. Mine were sticky and fragrant for the rest of the afternoon.



  1. Haha, oh dear, I can't believe they had a tester bottle of hand soap. Thanks for something to laugh at! :-)

  2. Ah, you're welcome my dear... glad to embarrass myself for your amusement. :)