Friday, July 29, 2011

Bri & the Cutie Pie

When Brian comes home from work, he puts his bag in the closet, kisses me hello, changes out of his restrictive work clothes (somebody tell me how wearing khakis and a polo is uncomfortable? -but I digress), and then lays on the floor wherever the dog is.

It's just his way of unwinding.

Sometimes he freaks the dog out a little bit, but Bo always relaxes at some point.

But then sometimes, Bo's had enough. "Gettin' up now, Brian."

Let's play with that squishy face- shall we?


"Roll over, Bo!"


"Come ON..."

And he does it!

Two peas in a pod:



  1. So cute! I am excited to hopefully be getting a dog next year :-)

    And I can agree to khakis and polos being uncomfortable... I had to wear them to school every day from 4th to 12th grade, and man was I glad when I didn't have to wear them anymore!

  2. WELL, if you say they're uncomfortable.... but I just don't know. I always had to wear a skirt and a button-down for school, so I don't feel too compassionate for you guys but I guess it's all relative! :) And I am excited for you guys to get a dog too! Bo is definitely our baby. Today Brian took him out to some property to keep him company while he set up a treestand. Bo was so excited to get in the truck and as Brian pulled out it looked like he was with a giddy little boy bouncing around on the front seat. So CUTE!

  3. Yes, I agree I'd much rather wear khakis and a polo than a skirt and a button down, but given the choice I'd change into jeans and a tank top in a heartbeat.

    Dogs are amazing! It's so nice to finally have a house so we can have a yard for one. Bo sounds like an awesome pet :-)