Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Best ever.

Am I the luckiest girl in the world, or what? I'm happily trucking along, working a wonderful job, taking care of the beautiful house Brian built for me and the adorable puppy he magnetically attracted to our family, growing fabulous produce in our little garden, and looking forward to a bright future of... well, whatever God has in store.

Then one day, for no particular reason, Brian comes home and surprises me with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i!

(Well, he gave me a picture of it, anyway! He told me he had researched it and thought it'd be the best DSLR to start with, but then told me to make sure I wanted that one and to buy it when I decided. I kind of preferred that to the wrapped-present-approach!) I've been wanting a DSLR for years, but had put it out of my head for the time being. I figured the technology would change over time (and the prices), and all I really wanted it for was taking pictures of our future kids.

But although there aren't any kids on the scene yet, here I am with my super-awesome new camera that ALSO takes HD video. Yay for waiting for technology to improve! And YAY for Brian!!!

I'm so, so lucky. Not because of my fantastic new camera (okay, well not JUST because) but because everywhere I look, I see blessings that are 'the best EVER.' The best families, the best husband, the best health, the best church(es) (home and away!), the best friends, the best dog... just the best things you ever could hope for in life.

Is life all about having these things? Nope. I know that, in my head. Take it all away and I am still blessed beyond all measure by Jesus Christ. It's academic to say that and I know I sound blithe and clueless because I am. Never have I had to endure a trial that yanked me out by the roots. I do believe one day I'll experience one... how could I avoid it? No one does. But for this brief, blessed time in my life I am surrounded... absolutely ambushed by happiness at every turn. And I am determined to enjoy it to the fullest for as long as it lasts.

So in honor of all things 'best ever' in my life... I give to you the BEST EVER summer snack (in my humble opinion). Last summer I wrote about my favorite thing to eat during summer, but since this summer I am trying to avoid being mistaken for a beach ball at the beach, I've decided it's probably best not to inhale half a loaf of bread in a sitting. Thus, I've adapted my favorite thing to eat, and it's absolutely delicious.

Slice a garden-ripened tomato. Sprinkle the slices with sea salt or kosher salt. Then take your black pepper grinder and MAKE IT RAIN. Eat with a fork and knife and enjoy the heck out of it.



  1. Man - I don't even LIKE tomatoes, NOW, I HAVE to have some! What a photo!! :) Dad

  2. Thanks Pops! The magic of my fancy schmancy CAMERA!

  3. My mouth just watered because I was picturing your home grown tomatoes...awwwwww! Yum!

  4. Aww, Kathleen.... last year you were here to get some! I'm not sure they'd ship very well... haha! I wish you were here to take some home but I'm more happy that you're in your own house somewhere (hopefully) COOLER! :)