Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I dumped the contents of my brain out like a box of blocks, and here you go.

Wednesday randoms:

- Should I cut out caffeine? I love having coffee in the morning and I wouldn't even mind switching to decaf. Only problem with that is, Brian won't switch with me and I don't want to make two miniscule pots of coffee, one after the other, so that we can both be happy. I drink about 3 cups a day. I'm pretty sure that's too much. Is it too much? EDITED to add: Yeah, I probably should ditch the coffee.

- How great is it that Amazon Prime (free two-day shipping for its members) offers free trials? I signed up to bring a pound of GREEN sprinkles (yes, just one color) for a theme snack for VBS next week. It was something I thought I'd have to search for all over town, but voila! Amazon had them! And they are shipping them to me by tomorrow! Yay for saving myself an errand!

- My dog is quite the ladies' man. Perhaps it's because of his respectful demeanor or his handsome face, but he's got four or five lady-dogs around the neighborhood that just love him. This morning on our jog, like many other mornings, one broke free of her yard just for Bo and joined us on the rest of our run. (I don't know those neighbors... I'm starting to suspect they may not have a good fence?)

- TELL ME: How does this work? Obviously, eating organic, locally raised chicken is the best option in every way other than its hardship on my grocery budget. It costs at least five times more than conventional grocery-store chicken and it's less convenient to acquire. So here's my question: is eating NO CHICKEN better than eating conventional chicken? (I'm thinking mainly health reasons here... I can get over the guilt, as terrible as that sounds, of the chicken farm horrors.)

- Why won't it rain?

- I was thinking about getting this:

...but Brian said no, because it would kill the grass and look terrible. Then I told him that sometimes, people sell honest-to-goodness real used pools on Craigslist. Sometimes people buy a house with an above-ground pool that they don't want, and then they SELL the pool on Craigslist for super cheap. I saw one the other day for $200! It looked brand-new. So I told Brian this bit of information, and this is what he said: "Honey, if you want to buy the pool, drain it, dismantle it, and install it in our yard, you can have one." I asked him if he would build a deck around it for me, but he said probably not. Haha! What a proposition! I'm really going to have to think this over for quite some time!

- Someone found my blog googling this: "what my crazy wife did to a friend in a hammock after a party."

- I love coffee. If I have to say goodbye to it, I'm really going to be sad.



  1. Is there a local place you can get organic chicken besides the normal store? The organic meat in general is more expensive in the store than at the farm we buy ours from directly... Also, we've pretty much stopped buying (organic) boneless skinless chicken breasts because the cost is just outrageous.... instead I buy organic chicken halves or just bone-in breasts, and look for recipes accordingly. So far, so good!! You still get the benefit of healthier chicken with it not being quite so expensive. I have managed to switch all our eating to organic and natural without changing our grocery budget (spend more on organic meats/dairy while spending less on staples because I now shop for them at the bulk store/section), but if you are finding you need to adjust your grocery budget, I'd do it no matter what- I have become a big believer in organic foods. Maybe you could reduce the amount of money you spend on eating out per month, etc.?

  2. I hope someday I can manage our grocery budget so we can eat organic meat... it's not looking promising though. And yes, ditch the coffee! If you want to eat healthily, might as well go all the way. I'm sorry about the pool situation!

  3. Sky, you probably think all I do is complain about pools! Haha! I promise I don't. We probably won't live here forever, but if we do I'm sure we'll figure something out. Don't be sorry for me! :)

    A, I was hoping you would respond to this post. I know you're a big believer in organic food. I will probably email you with more questions sometime in the future. We actually never eat out but somehow we manage to spend a TON of money on groceries every month. I'm afraid that's only going to go up if I switch to organic. Not that that's a dealbreaker for me... I just need to sit down and figure out what exactly we need and don't need and where I can cut waste. I am pretty sure we live in a good area to have access to local produce/poultry, I just need to find the most cost-effective solution for us.