Friday, February 3, 2017

February 2

Yesterday morning, around 6:30, an hour before the kids are typically up, Neva started crying. This isn't unusual, and I went upstairs to cuddle her for a bit and then put her back to sleep. But when I got into the room Barrett called from his bed, "Mom, I waked up!" I whispered, "Do you need a drink of water?" He replied, "Yeah, sink I need a sip of water." I fetched the water and tucked him back in, then tucked Neva back in and hurried back downstairs, hoping I had bought myself another hour. (This morning, I was particularly drained, fighting some virus off and also working on Erin's bridal shower.)

Ten minutes later, Neva's fussing resumed, and then I heard a thump-thump-thumping upstairs as Barrett apparently decided he didn't feel like going back to sleep. Since he was playing happily, and since Neva soon started laughing at him, I continued working until about 7:10, when I walked upstairs to find the lights on, Will still sleeping, Barrett having found a headlamp (which he was wearing as a necklace) and having stolen a few of Neva's stuffed animals out of her crib. He plays so happily in his own, even in the early morning. I brought up a couple bananas and a cup of coffee and sat with the kids while they played, unable to work up the energy to do the whole getting-everyone-dressed-pottied-beds-made. They'd set up the train in the guest room and I rested on the floor, sucking down my coffee, enjoying them as they played.

Still wearing his lighted necklace 
Love the unnecessary pool of light on the floor
Sleepy Will
Sweet boy
Will took this
Later that morning, Will finally got a request granted to go out and drive trucks "to make tracks in the snow." Thus I experienced an absolute FIRST: both boys going outside and playing in the snow ALONE, without me. After the required 20 minuted to get them suited up, I figured they'd be back in in under 5 minutes, but they actually stayed out for close to 25. I was shocked and so pleased. (And it was really cold, too, despite the sunshine.) Hopefully this is the beginning of a long and exciting career of outside play for both of them.

Trying to drive their trucks and make tracks in the snow

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