Thursday, February 2, 2017

Look Mom, she's walking!

She is still weeks, if not months, away from walking (but why, Neva?! you would be so much happier on your feet), but Will likes to see her upright. I love everything about these pictures: her mismatched clothes (laundry has fallen by the wayside with the shower coming up soon), her very dirty knees, her missing shoe, the love and care in Will's eyes, and the pride on her face to be standing up.

Meanwhile, Barrett had finished going #2 on the potty and was hollering his head off. I couldn't miss the opportunity to take these cute pics, so he waited a minute or two. By the time I got in there, I wondered if he'd be peeved, but instead, he said in his characteristic, low voice: "I was lowin' for you because I love you." For some reason, he says "lowing" instead of "yelling." Brian says he thinks Barrett's just a genius and prefers to use the more descriptive term of a calf calling for his momma. Barrett's voice sometimes does remind me of a little cow. One morning I was finishing a workout around 6:45 when I heard a low sound, something like a moo, something like a gale of wind scraping the corner of a house. I ignored it once and then heard it again. I paused the workout when I realized Barrett was standing at the top of the stairs, calling for me: "Mo-om." "Hey, buddy," I greeted.

"I lowed for you," he told me. "I have to go pee pee."

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