Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My poor sick girl

Neva's sickness took a turn today; she stopped nursing only last week (I had to wean her, finally, because it was causing so much pain with the pregnancy... it was very sad for me as she still seems like such a baby to me). I wonder if that lack of breastmilk antibodies caused this to hit her so hard when the boys are sailing through it. She spent all day with a fever, hacking and snotting and clinging to me. When she was with me, she was her sweet little self, but sleepy! Geez. I hate when my babies are sick! But I do always try to thank God for the reminder that they are only healthy sick. No cancer or incurable disorders. Thank you. 

Oh Neva, I love you and the sweet little kisses you have just figured out how to give us. 


Babywearing is a TOTAL LIFE SAVER when you have a sick little one and a bridal shower to throw in two days! Praying she is feeling much better by Friday.  

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