Monday, November 14, 2016

Home Alone

Brian went to Montana for a long weekend to finally fill a mule deer tag. He brought home a nice buck and we spent the six days doing as much as we could to avoid a black hole of loneliness. 

On Wednesday night we went to church, I covered toddlers nursery, and we stayed extra late to fellowship.

On Thursday, after an errand to the credit union, we picked up Grandma Jo Anne and had another day at the cider mill.


Neva was pretty cute after we got home. She made a nest in the blocks basket and tried to sleep in there. 


On Friday, we did our Thanksgiving dinner shopping at Meijer; twenty minutes after we got home with a billion groceries, kids hunpgry for dinner, it was time to leave for our evening (great planning). The kids enjoyed a really fun evening at the Thompson's house while I went to the ladies' meeting at church. Then Becca drove back with us!

On Saturday, Becca relaxed with me and the kids. Well, actually, she pretty much took care of the kids all morning while I handled some yardwork that badly needed to be done. Then we took about seven hours to get ready to leave for Target, where we met Hannah and had a really fun little shopping trip. Home, we cooked delicious soup and a casserole for core group on Sunday. We stayed up quite late talking, Hannah and Becca amusing me by debating the same topic for about two hours.


Sunday was core group, where we stayed extra late to talk and play. Back home, the long weekend kind of hit me as there were about four hours to go until bedtime and everybody was exhausted, whiny, and melting down, and the house felt like a wreck. A well timed bath time saved us. 

And today, Brian comes home. 

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