Tuesday, November 22, 2016


A little bit about Neva. She's a feisty girl. She knows exactly what she wants and doesn't want. I think she's my pickiest eater yet. She'll just spit the bite right out if you manage to trick her. 

She is very musical. At the very hint of a tune she'll start dancing, her whole body wiggling from head to toe. Unless, of course, you're trying to get her to do it on command.

Today she started saying 'uh oh!'

She's got two teeth on the bottom, and on the top she has a gap where her two front teeth should be, and instead she has the teeth on either side so Brian says she looks like a hillbilly.

She's a thumbsucker whenever she feels the fuzzy side of her blanket. She loves books, especially small board books that are just her size. She loves her babies already, and because of them Barrett has a little baby to play with, whom he calls 'baby Jesus,' although baby Jesus is a girl. 

She screams with delight when Brian walks in the door after a long day. "Dada!" And she's crazy about her brothers. They make her laugh like nothing else. 

This is her latest favorite spot. 


This is Barrett and Will and Baby Jesus. 


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