Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Barrett Boy

I just love Barrett's little personality. I can tell that he does things not for attention, but simply because they make him happy. Case in point: Neva's headbands. Packing for a trip, I brought Neva's headband barrel downstairs, and it wasn't long before Barrett discovered it. He sat studiously at the table, desiring no attention, just pulling headband after headband onto his head. His method was as clean as you'd expect from a two year old: pull taut, then pull down over head and hope for the best. Every third headband flew back off his head and sometimes took two or three more with it. By the time I discovered him, he had a veritable helmet of headbands on his head. Laughing, I pulled out the camera- and that's when Will wanted in. "Mom, can you take a video of me? Mom, how do I put these on? Mom, can I see the picture??" That's Will!

Barrett was very pleased with the "hat" that he made, and William got the attention he desired, so everyone was happy. 



(It occurred to me, right after I published this post, that Barrett is like Brian and William is like me. Which fits with our birth order. Brian does things for his own satisfaction. I do things and then seek Brian's approval for them! I guess I really like hearing the words, "Wow! Great job, Maegan!" Firstborn problems.)

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