Friday, November 4, 2016


When Barrett glimpses the ever-present ponytail holder around my wrist, he asks, "Can I play with your Rusk?"

William, after sailing through four or five pieces of fun night candy, reluctantly stopped when I instructed him that he had had enough for now. "Mom," he said, so plaintively and earnestly that it melted my heart, "I want to know what it all taste-is like."

Neva recently has become quite the dancer. Not a tune can escape my lips, even a slow one, but she starts shimmying her shoulders back and forth or clapping her hands.

I recently reactivated my Facebook to try to sell something on a mom to mom group. I'm not having any bites so I might just forget it. Anyway, scrolling through my feed, I saw lots of exciting events that people are planning. Weddings, first babies, birthdays, or vacations. And the thought just hit me, that there's really nowhere else I'd rather be in my life than a momma to three, looking forward to one more baby someday, and shopping for accessories for a play kitchen for my kids for Christmas.

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