Monday, March 20, 2017

Getting ready for Kurtis' party

Talk about excited. The boys' first solo party together was the topic of the week! William said, "I'm going to pick him out a present that is better than new!"

First we headed to Funky Monkey toys to pick out a gift for our friend. Both Will and Barrett found a (different) present they were DYING to give to Kurtis, but both together were a little out of our price range. Since Will is about the same age, I went with his suggestion. Sorry, Barrett. 

Posing with Mr. Monkey!

The boys wanted to wear their matching "racing stripe" sweaters they had just gotten from Nana the day before. They looked so handsome!

Here Will is showing off the sweet "new" watch he loved at Goodwill. Since Barrett chose a different toy, he has no watch to display. 

I then tried to get Neva in the shot, but they posed themselves in a way that made getting all three faces impossible, and I was laughing too hard to successfully fix them. 

Neva seemed a little out of sorts when her brothers were gone at the party. At one point, I set her up at the piano and she enjoyed playing on her own for a tiny bit, but she ended up getting mostly Mommy time and then early bed time, which suited her just fine. 

The boys had a FANTASTIC time at Kurtis' party. Barrett must think it's a place like Chucky Cheese or McDonalds because he keeps asking me to take him back there. Every day, at some point, he'll lament (out of the blue), "But I love Kurtis' party." I keep trying to tell him, Kurtis has one party a year, but it's not quite sinking in. Will had all sorts of fun stories for us. I think the boys were probably a couple stinkers without their parents to check their behavior, but they had the time of their lives at Kurtis' party. 

They were tired the next day (yes, I let them wear their sweaters again). Here's Will, legit sleeping on the couch, and Barrett, pretending to. 
Here comes the baby!

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