Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Things I love about these pictures:
1. Brian
2. William
3. Barrett
4. This thing is enormous.
5. The snowman's face
6. The snowman's hair
7. The snowman's giant arms
8. Bo not sitting in one place for the picture because the snow makes his butt cold
9. Barrett's attachment to the orange paddle
10. William holding the snowman's hand
11. See the man in the picture? World's greatest dad right there
12. Also world's greatest husband because he took the boys outside and made this giant snowman which I could never have made nor would have wanted to
13. The winding paths of grass where you can see they were rolling the giant snowballs
14. The snow was gone by the end of the day
15. It's been four days and the snow has been all gone for days but the bottom portion of Goliath and a portion of his abdomen still sit like snow boulders on the lawn and every time we drive past them, the boys point and say, there was goliath!
14. I am able to post these pictures on my blog because I found my phone and these were some of the pictures I mourned never seeing again

Brian told me that he had to basically do gymnastic feats to stack Goliath as high as he got him. Isn't he amazing??


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