Friday, March 10, 2017

My girl

Neva is emotion and impulse and affection and attachment. She is a handful, an armful- complicated, loving, funny, irresistible. 

When I put her on the potty (just for fun), even as I'm positioning her on the seat and stabilizing her, she's pushing my hands away. I can do it myself. 

She loves new foods... but only if YOU'RE eating them. Don't even try to feed her something suspicious, unless you happen to be enjoying it first. 

She is so entertained by the boys, particularly Barrett. The dynamic of a third child added to the mix is indescribable. The boys equal parts love her and escape her. "Neva!!!" they exclaim when I bring her down after her nap. 

"Can you do something with Neva?" they ask when she's trying to play with them. (Snatching their toys, destroying their buildings.)

Here's a new one: girl loves to sing. Noises come out of her mouth when we sing. She loves "Put on the garment of praise" and the ABC song. In the past two days this has become evident. On the way home from a play date, she had thrown her blanket down (so frustrating that she does this when she clearly needs its pacifying comfort the most) and was fussy. I started to sing and she cheered right up! When I would sing, "shout forth from Zion's hill," she'd shout: "ah!"

Here she was helping me shred pulled pork. Like her mama, she LOVED the pork. She ate piece after piece of meat as I separated it from the fat. 

She is sleeping through the night now. I am so grateful. This has been a rough week for me. My so-far-absent hip pain started up, my right upper eyelid developed a big old nasty stye, I pulled my neck during a workout, my ankle is kind of numb from poor circulation, and my face is flaring up into a mystery rash. Sleeping has been the only reprieve from pain, Thank you, baby girl. 

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