Monday, March 20, 2017

March 16

Neva didn't seem to be herself at church the night before. I was doing toddlers and she was one of only two babies, and she kept crawling into my lap and laying her head down instead of wanting to play with her friend Kari. I knew she wasn't herself (she had seemed totally fine all day, up until this point) but I was hoping it was because she had not really napped that day. My gut told me she was coming down with something, and my gut was right. That night as we were putting the kids to bed, Brian said, "She feels warm to me." She woke up the next morning with a pretty decent fever. It lasted most of the day, but by the afternoon she seemed to be feeling a bit better and took a really good long afternoon nap. (Incidentally, I got a heck of a lot done during that nap, even though the boys were awake. It's nice to know, even though I'm sure a million people would probably already have told me this, that my productivity is not lessened because I'm lazy or incapable, just because I've got lots of little people around here to take care of.)

Kari, the other little one in nursery, never got sick, and I think Neva's fever was probably due to teething. (???) I am not great at pinpointing teething. Usually my kids show up with new teeth and I say, oh!

Even though I felt sad for my sick baby, it was lovely to get so much cuddling time with her that morning.


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