Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I lost my phone!

You should've seen me crying for my phone on Monday afternoon. I felt like I had lost a friend. Not to mention that I have not backed up my photos. I kept thinking of pictures that were on my phone that I would never see again.

Monday was a big day of errands. It felt like they were mostly unproductive and that I would've had a better result just staying home to begin with. Our last stop was the "toy library" and the kids had a blast playing alone, doing puzzles, setting up the toy dinosaurs and creating a "world." We were the only ones there and it was really nice. (Note to self, Mondays are much better for the library then Tuesdays at 11.) William is very much into skeletons and bones lately and he loved doing this puzzle with me.


Like I said, we were pretty much alone, except for one kid who was maybe 10 or 12 and was engaging with the kids, building towers for Neva to knock over and putting the skeleton puzzle together again for William while I was walking around picking out books to borrow for the kids. He wasn't inappropriate or anything, and being generally to myself most of the time, it's sometimes hard for me to pinpoint whether I'm annoyed with somebody else intruding on my little group or if the person is acting inappropriate and that's why I'm annoyed. But he wasn't. He was just kind of an awkward kid. Anyway, he left abruptly, and about 20 minutes later, it was time for us to go, and I noticed that my phone was missing. 

I searched our bags and looked all through the children's department with no luck. Hoping it was at the bottom of our bag of like 40 books, I set off for home with a sinking feeling. Nope. It was not in the bottom of that bag. I had left my name and Brian's phone number at the library and I told them I was missing it. All that evening I waited for a phone call but none came. Since of course I hadn't done anything proactive, I did not have the 'find my iphone' app downloaded and didn't even remember my iCloud password; I had to set up account recovery on Brian's phone and that said it would take a few days. Brian said, "Isn't there an app that we can use to see if it's moving around Oxford or stationary at the library?" I couldn't get it out of my head that maybe that kid had taken my phone. What would he even do with my phone? I wondered. Would he try to sell it? Would he know how much it meant to me? (In retrospect, one thing that makes me proud of myself (occasionally I do feel this way!) was that I had told Brian my concern in a hushed voice over by the fireplace so my kids didn't hear me. I'm so thankful I did not malign that kid in front of my little ones. To them he was just a nice kid, and that's truly all he was, and I'm so thankful I did not create suspicion in their minds.)

I am making this story too long. On Tuesday morning, I was already toying with the idea of returning to the library to look for my phone. I kept thinking of all the places I had walked inside the children's department. I typically keep my phone in my back pocket but sometimes I sit on the floor with the kids and I take it out. My mom messaged me on Facebook to say that she would meet me at the library to help me look, so that sealed the deal. When I got there at 11 with the kids again, it was jampacked full of people, since storytime just ended. I'm sorry, but on a sidenote, kids are jerks. I don't know why anybody would want to go to the library and meet with a thousand other moms and kids. Neva got pushed down intentionally a couple times by some snotty little girls who didn't want her playing with the dollhouse, and the boys kept getting their toys taken, which they bore with so much maturity and graciousness I could have squeezed them, and all in all the scenario was highly unlikely I was going to find my phone amid all that chaos. Nevertheless, I looked in all the places I had been thinking. No luck. 

Obviously, it was the last place I checked. It was next to the "world" William had created with his dinosaurs. To the left there had been shelves of books and I kept glancing over at those books to pull new ones of the shelf to borrow. At one point Neva had gone around to the other side of the bookcase and was playing peekaboo with me before I realized that she was where the associates work and stock supplies, and that I should probably get her out of there. That's probably when I set down my phone, on top of the shelved books, far in the back, and left it there. (Of course as a good citizen, I had put it on silent.)

The library associates, one of whom had been there the day before when I had left her my name and number, were so happy for me. I was happy for me! William was happy for me. Before we had gone into the library he had prayed for me to find my phone. The Lord was kind and merciful to show us his goodness and let me find it. My friend is back :-)


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