Monday, June 12, 2017


I have a sentimental collector's heart like my dad and also a frightful hate of clutter like my mom, so what do I do with the countless pictures the kids draw for us? I put them on the blog. Then I throw them away. Solved!

This is our family, by William. Notice the baby in mommy's tummy... usually when William draws a picture like this, he intently puts long, flowing hair on the baby in my womb, insisting it is going to be a girl. 

An impromptu picture for daddy, inspired by some new truck stickers, by William

Barrett begins drawing faces!

A picture that, sadly, never made it to Keelyn!

One night, while I was kissing him good night, William told me that he wanted to write a letter to Jesus telling him how great He was and how He was going to defeat Satan. Over the next couple days, Will kept forgetting, until later random moments when he would say, "We haven't written a letter to Jesus yet!" Of course these recollections always come when we are about to get into bed, or the bath, or eat dinner. I said, "Remind me when we can do it!" The next day we had a good chance. Unfortunately, the resulting letter was not as worshipful as I think he originally intended, in his contemplative and reverent bedtime mood, and turned out a little bossy instead, but I love it. He asked me to draw a picture of Jesus throwing Satan into the pit, and that's the best you get here.

He began his letter with random letters of the alphabet. "What does that spell?" he asked eagerly. I did my best to sound out the non-word, which actually sounded a lot like the word "jail." His face brightened and he was delighted he'd written the word jail, especially since the whole point of the letter was to talk about how we were going to lock Satan up. After we corrected "jail," he narrated the body of the letter to me and, once I finished my elegant illustration, added artwork for the pit.

On the reverse side, he drew another picture for Jesus.

He really wanted to mail it, but we never got around to it, which is good because I wasn't sure exactly how to handle that. 

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