Friday, June 2, 2017

"Are you gonna low?"

Barrett, who in general talks pretty well (I think) mispronounces the word "yell." Instead, he says "low." I'm sure I've written about this before. Every day, when he's done pooping on the potty, he hollers my name ("MOM!") so that I will come and wipe his butt. When I come into the bathroom he occasionally says, "I was lowin' for you." (yellin') One day, still perched on the toilet, he said, "I was lowin' for you because I love you."

(Incidentally, his bathroom habits are hilarious. When it's time for him to poop, there's no fight and no struggle (as with William, who when I can tell really needs to go, has to debate with me for a few minutes before he will concede to sit on the toilet and try). Barrett likes to get all set up with the piano bench in front of the toilet and a big old stack of books ("I want a lot of books") and then looks up at me and asks, "Can you go now?" or occasionally, "Bye! Have a great day!" One day I stayed in the bathroom to brush my teeth after getting him set up, and I looked over to see him doing a tricep dip down into the toilet bowl. I was horrified, thinking he was falling in. Turns out he just likes to lower himself down several inches. His butt's never wet, though it did explain why there's hardly ever any poop on it when it's time to wipe. It also explains why he frequently sprays pee up onto said piano bench. Since I realized he does this, there's been less pee- I told him he is allowed to lower himself down (I figure what I don't see won't hurt me) but the pee spraying has to stop. Anyway, he'll sit on the toilet for 10 or 15 minutes, chattering nonstop about who knows what. Then, of course, comes the "lowin'.")

Anyway, one day I had a terrible mom day. I was so tired, in unusually awful hip pain, and I had so much to do, and when it seemed like there was one mishap after another, I let myself throw a miniature temper tantrum where I just yelled at the ceiling in front of them. They were horrified. Of course I apologized and made things right. I apologized a lot. I also told them I was very tired and that my back was really hurting, but of course that that was no excuse to behave like a terrible child. 

The next day, Barrett came into the kitchen and asked, "Can I ride on your back?" 
"I'm so sorry, honey," I replied. "Mommy can't carry you on her back these days. My back is really hurting." 
"Oh," he replied, "and you're gonna low?" "I'm going to what?" I asked him. 
"You're going to low?" 
"Ahh," I replied, smiling. He was asking if I was going to "yell" again. "No, buddy, I'm not going to yell." I gave him a big hug and got him set up at the counter and he watched me cook. I just love this kid. 

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