Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

My incredible husband and our three (soon four babies) and a dog who is equally devoted to him:

I am SO tremendously blessed with Brian as my husband. I pray almost every day, "Lord, please help my boys to grow up to be hard workers and faithful husbands like their dad, so their wives will feel as blessed as I do." Not only is he skilled, diligent, intelligent, and wise, he has also been an INCREDIBLE source of grace to me in these final months of pregnancy. Instead of, "Isn't the laundry done?" or "It's been forever since you made dinner," or "This house is a wreck!" (all things that would be very well true) I hear lots and lots of, "You're doing a great job," "You need to rest- it's ok if things aren't done," and "You look great; you're working so hard." He's taken on so many tasks and duties that I used to cover, like planting the garden or helping me make the Easter rolls. Every night he muscles the boys into bed- teeth, pjs, washing them up- while I tend to Neva. But it's not really about everything he does around the house. It's hard to convey and I don't think I'm doing a very good job, but Brian has simply been Christ to me. Which means at any given moment, he is the person I want to be sitting next to when the kids are in bed... being with him is like rest to my soul. 

Case in point: Father's Day was as relaxing for me as it was for him (maybe not that relaxing for either of us, ha! but he made it super low key). He made himself a sandwich for his Father's Day dinner, took a nap, then packed the boys' bikes into the back of the Pilot to head to my parents' for ice cream and watermelon. 

There, we saw Joel and Dayna, who despite being in the middle of a really stressful personal situation, were very gracious and were so much fun for the kids. Joel and Matthew are extraordinary uncles and are going to be awesome dads. 

When Joel and Dayna had to leave, Matthew and Kassidy arrived. They pulled in towing a big trailer that they had borrowed from Kassidy's parents... the following days were going to be moving days. Moving into... my parents'! Final push before they can buy a house!

We all ate ice cream, pulled the kids on a sled ("I never want to come outside in the winter because it's cold, so I never do this with them," said my mom), set off fireworks (thanks to my dad!), and rode bikes. It was a beautiful evening and a lovely Father's Day. I'm so blessed with an incredible dad who sacrificed in countless ways to raise us according to God's instruction for his family. If I stop and think for a minute of all the ways they sacrificed for us kids, my mind just floods with examples. I LOVE them so much and am so happy to live in Michigan near them. 

Pulling the sled

Mom really helped William become confident enough to ride down this hill. She worked with him for a while!

Dad pulling the sled

Mom still encouraging, "You're a volcano rocket!"

Barrett trying to hop on 

Neva's current favorite person is undoubtedly my mom... "Gamma"

Me and the dad of the day

I recollect that Brian and my mom were somewhat heatedly discussing a controversial topic when I interrupted her to take this selfie!

Getting ready to light fireworks! We are not a big fireworks family so this is kind of new. My dad saw them at Kroger picked them up.

Matthew and Kass and a couple of their biggest fans

Here we go! They were so fun!

Will is very cautious about such things. He kept his ears tightly covered during the fireworks and firmly decided the sparklers were not for him. It took Barrett several minutes to work up the courage to hold the sparkler, but eventually he held it and enjoyed it!

LOVED Matthew's shirt- "WOD now, Wine later"- LOL

The boys made lots of artwork for daddy for Father's Day. William picked out the letters himself for the picture below. Barrett drew a face on his project, of which he was very proud.

On the reverse of Will's letters was a picture of Daddy riding a bike

See below- Barrett's guy's face:

The card we made together for Daddy (Barrett colored the outside, Will drew the picture on the inside), and a picture Will colored for Daddy at church. 

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