Sunday, June 11, 2017

Today (June 11)

Sunday... ahh, Sundays. The most tiring day of the week!

Today we walked into the house after pulling in from church. While that sounds easy enough, this is typically a very challenging part of Sunday because the kids are tired, everyone is hungry/absolutely starving (me), the baby is crying/needs to nurse/nap/eat, the house is a tornado scene from having whipped out the door with minutes to spare that morning, everyone has itchy church clothes on that they'd like to change out of, and it seems like with the mere act of walking into the house, you are suddenly imbued with a long list of things to do right now.

But today we walked into the house, and I set Neva down onto the floor, and she and the boys ran off happily to play and entertain themselves while I could make lunch. It was an incredible feeling. They contentedly ran off on their own to wait for lunch. I told Brian, "Wow, we've ventured into a new era. Neva just ran off to play with the boys when we got into the door. Up until now she's always been cranky and crying after church when we get home."

 "Yep," he replied, "Just in time to add another baby."


Mom and Dad were visiting MT, so we stayed home and enjoyed the time outside. I am just loving these low-key porch-sitting summer evenings. 

When Will found this rock, he informed me, "This is a snake rock. Snakes LOVE these rocks."

Barrett found some treasures too... dead leaves:

Neva was tickled to be riding in this tiny stroller:

"Mom, this is a magic leaf. It's for you. Here, this is for you."

Barrett, you're so handsome with your rose! Show me your most handsome face:


When Neva sees a food she loves (which are many) she screams with delight.

Watering the plants with a big pregnant belly!

The kids took turns pushing each other. I tried to keep my mouth shut and not worry at them.

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