Monday, June 12, 2017

Barrett's Well Visit

Truthfully, the only reason I'm publishing this blog post because William got hold of my phone during the doctor's appointment and took some pictures of it. We had to go back a month after Neva's overdue one-year checkup because not only was she overdue for her 12 month shots, but she was also two months overdue for her 15 month shots. So we split them up and, when we came back for Neva's 15 month shots, we also did Barrett's annual three-year-old exam, a visit that, again, I wasn't aware was needed, but whatever. Now I know. Kids visit the doctor once a year. Got it.

Barrett, of course, did so well during his visit. I just like these types of visit because I love bragging about my kids. They are not by any means advanced, but they certainly hit their milestones, and they're always so well behaved and cute during visits like these that I can't help but imagine the doctor must surely be thinking that these are the best kids he's seen all week… perhaps even all month… Maybe even EVER IN HIS LIFE! 

William was HIGHLY ENTERTAINED by my camera

And bonus! This adorable picture was three years ago today! Barrett was sick and snotty that day, but still such a pleasant, happy boy. He was a total joy, and still is. 

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