Sunday, April 30, 2017


William, bringing me a dish from his play kitchen: "Do you want to try some of my to-mah-to soup, hot apple cider, and cookies?"

I'll never forget the slight lisp he had when he said 'cookies.' And who knows where he learned to pronounce "tomato soup"??

When Barrett had to go poop this evening, I took him into our small half-bath where he typically does his business. This morning, it being Sunday, I had moved all of my toiletries necessary for getting ready onto the small counter so that I could get up early and get ready without waking Brian, and everything was still there. Barrett, used to seeing the counter cleared, stared aghast at the mess, at my make up bag, straightener, brush, and more. "Mom," he said, seriously, "this is very, very bad. You don't ever do this."

I never want to forget Neva and Barrett planting countless kisses on my face as I tried to take a Sunday nap on the floor.

Barrett was very intent upon this project. When he was finished, he was very proud of his creation, though a little ambiguous about what it was. He told me it was a "shark and a snake monster truck," he told daddy it was an "airplane with pipes," and he told Grandpa it was a "porcupine truck."


I'm writing this blog at 10:30, and once again I cannot wait to fall into bed tonight. Another day done. I'm so thankful for it and I loved so many moments in it, but, like I feel every night, I'm glad it's done.

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