Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The boys got their monthly Ladybug magazine and couldn't wait to make the included masks. The masks corresponded with a story in the magazine about two cute little critters, an owl named Puff and a prairie dog named Pip. "I will be Pip!" exclaimed Barrett, which worked out perfectly (for ONCE) since William actually wanted to be Puff. 

I cut them out during breakfast, reinforced the holes with masking tape, and rigged them up with a couple rubber bands. The boys loved them!

Here, Will is saying Hoot, hoot and you can see how terrifying Barrett looked. :)  

27 weeks today! The first day of the LAST trimester of my (100% definitely sure) LAST pregnancy!

We spent a good amount of time walking back and forth along the driveway like this:

We are loving the warmer weather!

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