Friday, April 21, 2017

April 20th and 21st

The boys figured out they could both fit into this cabinet! Thankfully it was the first and last time (so far).
William drew this picture of the whole family. He was intensely proud of it. 

On Friday night, I talked the kids into choosing a movie night over open swim at the nearby pool. (We decided to attend open swim for a few weeks in lieu of paying for swimming lessons.) It wasn't hard to convince them, for which I was really grateful, because I was particularly tired. I thought they were so cute, all eating their popcorn, watching Zootopia. 

The other night, I and the kids were all taking a walk and William found a brown rock glimmering in a little stream. "It's a golden rock!" he cried in delight, picking it up. But as we continue to walk home, and the rock began to dry, he lamented, "Mom, my rock is getting boringer and boringer."

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