Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter 2017

It was the first time I've ever dyed eggs with the kids. I am not disappointed that I waited until this age. They were suitably impressed with the process and the result even though I did most of it myself because… what a mess. They were so intrigued, first watching patiently while the pot of eggs came to a boil, then as we mixed the colors with the vinegar, then as we let the eggs sit in the dye. They were so excited to play with the eggs that two of them immediately broke and another two broke the next day, but who cares?


I kind of felt like a failure this year for Easter because I barely spent any time talking with them about the resurrection. It's a story we discuss frequently throughout the year but there was a shocking lack of focus this particular weekend. Still, it was a sweet time with the kids on Easter morning and a fun day with my parents, Scott Fisher, and his kids Seth, Austin, and Tabitha. (Despite the fact that I programmed the oven wrong and the delay bake function did not work, so our dinner was cold when we got home and we kind of had to improvise. You know what? It all worked out.) The boys so enjoyed having friends over, dad and Brian had a good time talking with Scott, and my mom and I got to take a nice long walk with Neva and the dogs. 


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  1. Great pictures! Adorable outfits, and of course seeing those little bow ties again makes me very happy. :)