Tuesday, April 18, 2017

28 weeks (April 18)

William faithfully brings me flowers, now that spring has sprung. This little sight, tiny glasses full of flowers, is usually on my windowsill above the sink.

As soon as the weather warms up even a tiny bit, the boys insist on wearing shorts.

I saw a cartoon that made me laugh. The first frame was a mother, tenderly staring down at her sleeping child, whispering, "I would do anything for you." The next frame was the mother sitting wearily on the couch, watching the child throw a tantrum. Sitting 6 inches away from the child is his sippy cup, and the mom is saying, "Pick up your own cup!"

Some days feel like that. I'm so worn out and frustrated with the constant demands and needs that I just can't wait until bedtime, and then when I slip into the room to check on them one final time, I look down at their perfect faces and I wonder, what was my problem today??

I will continue to take pictures of them sleeping until it's weird.

Neva is SUCH a love bug. She such a hugger and a cuddler and a kisser.

28 weeks today!

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