Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 22- soccer begins!


The kids were so excited about soccer starting. William was very confident, assuring us he was going to win every game and basically score every goal and be the fastest one there.

Brian had to make a last-minute run to Walmart on Friday because I didn't realize the kids needed shin guards. I'm writing this post on the last morning of soccer and they still haven't used those shin guards. Turns out 3 to 5-year-olds don't really play games where the shin guards will be needed (despite the instructions to parents saying that they were required). Sorry Brian! ❤️

The first soccer session was the whole group of kids, maybe 45 kids, doing drills and games all together. At the very end, the director asked for a few parent volunteers to serve as coaches for the smaller teams. The spots were quickly filled up, but the "black team" coach approached Brian with a second T-shirt and asked if Brian would be able to help him. Brian agreed. The guy barely ever showed up again (one session for part of the time!) so Brian has since been the coach for the black team (the boys' group) and it's been so adorable to watch.

I just hang out with Neva on the sidelines and try to avoid having to make small talk. (My favorite thing in the world.) William keeps asking me to help coach, too, but I tell him I have to watch Neva. He asks, "When Neva is grown-up and she's a kid, then can you help coach us?" I tell him by that time, his skill have far exceeded mine, and I won't be any good as a coach, but I'd be happy to play with him. 

Another fun thing about soccer is that it's sponsored by Tim Hortons, and if the kids go in their "team shirts" on "game days" to Tim Hortons, they each get a few free Timbits. So we have our little tradition of driving to Tim Hortons after the session. For our family, who barely goes out to eat, this has been a really fun treat for the kids. Neva now asks for "nonuts" on the way to Tim H's. 

Soccer has been for six sessions and we haven't missed one. Today is the last session and William is very disappointed to see it end. Lord willing, the kids can do it for fall as well!

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