Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Having Brian home on "paternity leave" has been like a staycation. Today he went to work for a couple hours, then returned home and took the boys on some errands. I spent a couple lovely hours with Neva and Mac, picking berries with my daughter while Mac napped. Later, I organized a couple closets *ahhhh* and we scrounged for dinner (yummy leftovers from yesterday). Finally, we all watched Dinosaur. Will had been talking about a "cool movie" about dinosaurs and volcanoes called "Dinosaur World." I called his bluff and said I thought I knew what movie he was talking about. We rented Dinosaur (2000) and I asked, "Was that the movie?" "Yes, it was!" They liked it a lot. Neva was super busy the whole time. I watched her pretty much the entire film. She is like a puppy that just entertains you by playing on its own. Ahhhh, my girl. 

She just sat in the Lightning McQueen chair, by the bridge, eating all the berries I brought her, talking to herself. When she ran out she'd pleasantly call, "Bee-ya!"

Mac was thinking, and Will loved it. Despite desperately wanting a girl baby, Will sure is warming up to Mac. 

Watching Dinosaur. When Neva saw me taking a couple pics, she RAN over for her picture to be taken too, crying, "Deeee!"

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  1. I love this family. :) Missing you guys but so glad for all these posts!